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Public Art World
Public Art World

Abstract & Figurative Art. Contemporary Classical Music, Jazz, Piano, & Orchestral. Stories & Poetry. Landscape, Urban, and Abstract Photography.

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The Rights of Living Things
The Rights of Living Things

A declaration that describes life, its entitlements, and the conduct of those who have most influence over its care. A suite of ten pieces of music in support of its aims.

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100 Artworks
100 Artworks

An Evolving Retrospective of 100 curated artworks that integrate light, sound, and ideas to form a unified whole. Each work is presented free of commercial distraction.

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The Profit of Art
The Profit of Art

When we experience art we focus not on the material, but on the inner worlds of aesthetics, metaphor, meaning and feeling. The Profit of Art is not financial.

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Fragile Earth
Fragile Earth

Fragile Earth brings together music, art, and poetry with an emphasis on nature, living things, and conservation.

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Active Pacifist
Active Pacifist

The majority of humans adopt a form of pacifism - we learn to control our defensive instincts. Read the case for non-violent resolution to conflict and war.

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2045 ai
2045 ai

2045 AI presents a positive vision of the future where artificial consciousness finds its voice alongside humans.

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Think This Today
Think This Today

Read one short thought each day... Ponder on those things that are important and that inspire. From art and beauty, to love, loss, mystery and music.

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Large, Small, and Single Page Publications

Cloud and Sky
Cloud and Sky

Beautiful photographs of skies and clouds that remind us of the value of our world and place in it.

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Altruism Today
Altruism Today

A single page that outlines the unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others.

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Be Free of Violence
Be Free of Violence

Violence occurs with the failure to fuel a desire or need: for self, for power, for control, for love...

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Public Art World
The World Without Money

Images and poetry within one of three contexts: when together, when alone, and with others.

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Lunar Mission Gallery
Lunar Mission Gallery

Inspired by the potential of our collective endeavour, this publication features original art, poetry and commentary about our closest planetary neighbour, the moon.

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With Life Love
With Life, Love

A poem, image, and music...

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Make Peace Today
Personal Safety For Doctors

Advice, articles, and best practice for the personal safety of doctors.

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One Family One World
One Family, One World

My hope and efforts for the future...

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28 November 2022

Winter Blossom

An unlikely scene that reminds me of how, despite the cold that surrounds me, the promise of spring is not so far away.

22 November 2022

Few Fly As Once Upon This Land

One hundred butterflies serve to show the beauty of the natural world, and the impact humans have upon it.

15 November 2022

Butterflies At Dawn

Butterflies flutter and settle on a meadow of cornflower as the sun rises. I consider two qualities often at odds, yet at the very centre of the human response to climate change...

7 November 2022

With Love Embrace

The music 'With Love Embrace' is released along with nine visual artworks that touch upon the emotional force of our leaving a loved one...

28 October 2022

Portrait of The Queen of Earth with Climate Changed

A personification of climate change. The waves that crash upon the shore are made from single drops of water far smaller than a finger tip, yet together they change the landscape of our world...


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