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Public Art World
Public Art World

Abstract & Figurative Art. Contemporary Classical Music, Jazz, Piano, & Orchestral. Stories & Poetry. Landscape, Urban, and Abstract Photography.

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The Rights of Living Things
The Rights of Living Things

A declaration that describes life, its entitlements, and the conduct of those who have most influence over its care. A suite of ten pieces of music in support of its aims.

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100 Artworks
100 Artworks

An Evolving Retrospective of 100 curated artworks that integrate light, sound, and ideas to form a unified whole. Each work is presented free of commercial distraction.

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The Profit of Art
The Profit of Art

When we experience art we focus not on the material, but on the inner worlds of aesthetics, metaphor, meaning and feeling. The Profit of Art is not financial.

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Fragile Earth
Fragile Earth

Fragile Earth brings together music, art, and poetry with an emphasis on nature, living things, and conservation.

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Active Pacifist
Active Pacifist

The majority of humans adopt a form of pacifism - we learn to control our defensive instincts. Read the case for non-violent resolution to conflict and war.

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Lunar Mission Gallery
Lunar Mission Gallery

Inspired by the potential of our collective endeavour, this publication features original art, poetry and commentary about our closest planetary neighbour, the moon.

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Think This Today
Think This Today

Read one short thought each day... Ponder on those things that are important and that inspire. From art and beauty, to love, loss, mystery and music.

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Smaller and Single Page Publications

Public Art World
The World Without Money

Images and poetry within one of three contexts: when together, when alone, and with others.

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Altruism Today
Altruism Today

A single page that outlines the unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others.

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Be Free of Violence
Be Free of Violence

Violence occurs with the failure to fuel a desire or need: for self, for power, for control, for love...

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Be Kind Today
Be Kind Today

Encourages an act of kindness, no matter how modest: a smile to a stranger, a listening ear, the care to say thank you...

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With Loss Love
With Loss, Love

Words & music for those who suffer loss...

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With Life Love
With Life, Love

A poem, image, and music...

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Make Peace Today
Make Peace Today

A voice for tolerance and non-violence...

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One Family One World
One Family, One World

My hope and efforts for the future...

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For a complete catalogue of works in list form visit My Creative Estate

22 September 2021

The Kiss of Autumn Night - Music

I publish music for piano and orchestra on the autumn equinox.

My method of composition suits my need to maintain the spontaneous, instinctive, and mysterious qualities that I particularly enjoy in art. I am both head and heart, and my creative process is as much an emotional journey as it is full with thought.

1 September 2021

The Kiss of Autumn Night - Visual Art

My largest visual artwork to date, I express the beauty of the night sky during the month of September in the Northern Hemisphere.

1 August 2021

With And Alone

A new artwork accompanies my collected thoughts With And Alone.

The artwork, a person surrounded by the movement and colours of uncertain landscape, began as a study of someone floating beneath the surface of the sea.

18 July 2021

Look Out Upon The Ocean Deep

Shipwrecks, the waste of human conflict, and the remains of discovery lay scattered on the sea bed, entombed.

12 July 2021

The Fountain Of Youth

Drink or bathe in the fountain of youth and never grow old.

With three images I ponder on the past, present, and future as visions of the same path viewed from differing perspectives.

16 June 2021

Between The Sheets Of Sleep Awake

A new piano and orchestral work, together with art and poetry.

I consider the piano as an expression of my thoughts and feelings of my time between the sheets of sleep, and the orchestra, the elements of my dream and spirit world.

6 June 2021

Summer Life

Art does not capture a moment, or convey the equivalent of experience, but rather shares the world anew. Insects fly flat across the threads of plant and light.

20 May 2021

Fly Paper

As a child I was repelled by the cruelty of fly paper which attracts, then traps insects onto a sticky surface where they eventually succumb as they struggle to free themselves. I use the metaphor of Fly paper as a way of thinking about human temptation.

12 May 2021

Be Free of Violence

Art that supports the website, created in response to the conflict that erupted in Israel and Gaza.

3 May 2021

The World Before And After

A new artwork, poem, and my thoughts touch on the symmetry of climate change as I consider a way of understanding what approaches as 'The Fall'.

26 April 2021

Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole

Falling or descending into an unknown state, place, or circumstance. Often dream-like, surreal, or magical.

9 April 2021


A major new edition of how the sun and moon save the earth. Enjoy the story, the music, and the images at 100 Artworks.

Perhaps our need to nurture lays at the heart of listening, reading, and making stories. Nurturing ourselves, one another, and the world...

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