The Journey of an Art Lover

Mike de Sousa is a content philanthropist who creates social publications, music, art, literature, and photography.

Mike gives his work free for all to enjoy in perpetuity. Why?

Mike was fostered at the age of three and a half by his two aunts. He was given love, and as a result of a music scholarship, free piano lessons throughout his childhood until he was sixteen. Mike was also given opportunities to have his compositions played in school by an orchestra which he conducted, and was asked to compose and direct musicals when he moved to college at sixteen. By nineteen his college went on to be his first commissioners of both music and his photographic work. These acts of kindness laid the foundations of his commitment to create and publish art, music, literature, and photography that can be enjoyed freely by as many people as possible.

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Mike has worked with dancers and choreographers from New York Ballet, Ballet Rambert, Paris Ballet, and London Contemporary Dance Theatre. He taught music and literature workshops in over five hundred schools, colleges, and art centres in the UK during the 1990s, and directed a major three year long project that culminated in a touring multi-disciplined exhibition in the year 2000.

Mike began publishing his photography, art, music, and writing online in 2000, and has continued to build websites that are characterised by their accessibility and enthusiasm for sharing the importance of creativity, the arts, and the need for enlightened social policy as vital to humanity's future prosperity.

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Mike has created public art that is accessible and enjoyed without charge since 1982. He has published online for well over twenty years and has met all the costs associated with the development of his work and its publication.

Art Lover VIP ensures his work continues to be made available without charge or advertising, and that new work is developed and created. Art Lover VIPs are those who share his view that art and ideas should be free for all, as should the air we breathe and the water we drink. Perhaps you are one!


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